Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I just need to let it go!

So my most recent obsession is checking out this awesome blog, eat-yourself-skinny.  Well I was going through old posts and I came along this one, Let Go Post.  And it made me realize, I just need to let things go.  Sometimes when I am lost in thought, I find myself wondering about things, things that I could of done differently in my past relationship to make him stay, things I could of done to make him want to me, and why would he leave me for another woman, another woman that had a history of cheating on her significant others, a woman that is not nice at all.

And the thing is, I am VERY happy right now, even though I was devastated by my break up with my fiance, that just happened about 4 months ago.  I never thought I would be over this guy.  The things he did to me, and the way he made me feel in those last few weeks of our relationship, it WAS awful, but I loved him so much.  I was so dedicated to the relationship, and he wasn't, and I didn't want to see it.  And I am over it now, a lot faster than what I thought.  But I always start thinking about things that I should just LET GO, but I can't.  So reading that post made me think, 'Why I am torturing myself with all these thoughts??  JUST LET IT GO!!'

So for now on, when I start thinking those annoying thoughts, I am going to start telling myself, Just Let It Go.  I hope it helps me.  I should make a huge banner and put it up in my bedroom, so I can see it all the time and remember it!  Hahaha! 

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