Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lots O' Yarn...and pictures!

I said I would post pictures of projects so here they are!  The first one is the completed star baby blanket.  This is not my pattern, I got it from  (If you have a Ravelry account, this link should take you directly to the Star Blanket Pattern).

Its kind of a bad picture...all I had was my phone, not my actual camera.  Next project pictures are pictures of my iPod/phone holder for when I workout.  Its kind of big and bulky, but it works since none of my workout pants have pockets.  I haven't wrote up the pattern to it, i might get around to that some other day.  If anyone is interested, let me know, and I can speed up the process. =D

my cute buttons =D

I usually wear a tank top, I was just taking a quick photo...AND current project.  I am crocheting yet another baby blanket (I am behind lol).  Its called Polka Dots & Frills, but i just call it the polka dot blanket.  Its for a little girl, but instead of a color theme, the parents decided to do polka dot for the nursery.  I found the pattern on, again.  That website is my go to place for patterns.  (The blog for the pattern is Here )  Anyways, couple pictures here...

Adorbs right?!?!?!  Excited to see it finished!  Well that's it for now...later!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Update and new projects

A LOT has happened since I lasted posted.  I finished school in the beginning of July, and then my fiance broke up with me at the end of July.  So all my craft projects got put on hold.  I moved out of our apartment and moved back to my mom's house.  Through all of the pain and depression, I was studying for one biggest exams of my life, the NCLEX.  We tried working things out in August and he left me again in August, two days before my exam.  Luckily for me, I PASSED with the minimum amount of questions, which means that I'm smart lol!  So now I have been working on getting a dual license for work so I can start working as a nurse in Illinois.  And I am now determined to lose weight.  I am on my own, and I want to get healthier for myself.  I have never had a problem with being a big girl, and I have no intentions of getting ridiculously skinny, but I would like to lose 100 pounds.  My mom and I have decided to start Weight Watchers.  Before pictures will be posted in the near future.  But I have been working on some projects since I have finished with studying and moving.  I crocheted this cool phone holder for when I work out because my arm is too big to use the ones that strap to your arm (Plus I have an iPod to carry as well).  I made it up, and pictures will be posted of that soon too.  I also have three baby blankets to make...and all the babies are born!  Maybe they will be Christmas I am almost finished with the star blanket, and when its finished I will post pictures.  Once that one is finished, I will be doing a polka dot blanket, and after that, I have an Iowa Hawkeyes blanket to make, and I still have to make to pattern for that too!  I've got a lot of projects going on...wish me luck!