Friday, April 6, 2012

Free Mini Star Pattern

I figured since a passed my first exam, I feel a little lucky. So I tried to make something.  I really wanted to make a Star ring, but the ring part didn't work very well.  But the star I managed to do.  The ring will be a later project.  Now this is my first pattern that I have ever take it easy on me people!!  Okay so here goes nothing...

Okay...(please if I don't make sense...let me know!)

- Chain 6 and slip st it.
- Chain 4 and then 1 sc, chain 3 then 1 sc (chain 3 and 1 sc *3 more times*)
So now you should have a tire-looking piece with 5 openings...
- In every opening do: 1sc, 2 dc, 2 chain, 2 dc, 1 sc (5 points)
So now it should look kinda like a star, maybe more like a flower...
- sc up to small opening on end (that should be 3 sc), then in the opening: 2 sc, 2 chain, 2 sc.  Then you will sc 3 down (repeat 4 more times...)
- Now you should be all the way around to where you started.  Because the end is a little higher than the beginning, I flip the star to the backside and slip st it to back really tight, so it brings that end down. 

And that's it!  Please let me know if I don't make sense.  Constructive can really help me!  And here are some pictures of it in my hair...I just kinda wrapped the extra yarn around a hair clip...Thanks for looking and hope you like it!  =D

*Feel free to make some!  You are more than welcome to sell the finished product, just not the pattern.  But please, credit me for the pattern.  Thanks! =D*

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nursing School!

This was Medic's way of helping me study...follow the highlighter!

I took my first exam of my Concepts In Clinical Nursing MOD B class. It's safe to say that I passed! I was extremely nervous that I wasn't going to, pretty sure that I even gave myself hives waiting fo my grade to be posted! Well that is all, just kinda happy how my grades are starting out so far. Woo Hoo!!!! =D =D =D

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I made a hat over the weekend, in between clinicals and such, i found this flower pattern that is supposed to be pillow, and I thought, i should try to make something different! So the top part is part of the flower pattern, and then I just kinda winged the hat part. It turned out pretty well, over than the fact that it's REALLY big, and wouldn't fit a child. Oh well, maybe I will retry here in a few days and see what comes about that...but here are the pictures of the orinal hat, and my model is what I call, my Creepy Baby. I just used some extra yarn that I had laying around. Most of the colors don't go very well together, but it was just a trial run.